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The Midas Way

Since its inception in 1990, Midas Communications has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted names for the organization and delivery of events throughout the nation. With its dedicated team of results-oriented professionals, Midas prides itself as a top-class solutions provider for a variety of clients including government agencies, private institutions and non-profit organizations. While striving to be one of the nation’s top MICE Management companies, Midas also collaborates with clients from around the world who need support, services or representation in Japan.


Paving the way to Success
Our 5 Core Competencies


MICE Management
Meetings, Academic Conferences, Events, Exhibitions

Midas Communications has a proven track record spanning 30 years of planning and executing a wide variety of events and exhibitions. As a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) we work closely with our clients during planning, delivery and follow up to guarantee the success of all their important meetings and conferences.

Sporting Events and Logistics

All events come with logistic and transport concerns. At Midas, we cover all the bases from route planning, bus hire, and parking considerations. Our competencies include comprehensive planning and execution of transportation logistics for large scale events.

Event Management Systems – Creativity

In recent years, we have developed a number of event management systems, which are indispensable for the large-scale events focusing on efficiency and cost reduction. Similar to creative work, this is a result of making full use of our experience and know-how garnered from actual business operations.

Unique Venue

We plan and manage meetings and receptions at unique venues such as historical and cultural facilities and public spaces that can create a sense of specialness and allow your group to savor regional characteristics.

Agency Services

As well as operating temporary secretariats for academic conferences and various events, we also offer permanent agency services for organizations. This reduces the burden on office staff who are busy with complicated administrative tasks in addition to their regular work and ensures reliable business operations.

Surveys and Planning

Whether it’s conducting customer surveys, traffic surveys or marketing initiatives, we provide the highest level of services related to data collection, analysis, and reporting.


How can we provide value to our clients? To always exceed expectations, our professional staff collaborate closely with customers to build strong relationships based on trust. By sharing our vision, we strive everyday to be a valued partner on the path to success.Meet our Team

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Zenkai Improvement Partners delivers transformative lean training and consultancy services rooted in the renowned Toyota Production System. Based in Japan, we are dedicated to fostering operational excellence and continuous improvement within organizations worldwide. Our tailored solutions empower teams to streamline processes, eliminate waste, and enhance overall efficiency. With a commitment to guiding businesses towards sustainable growth and excellence, Zenkai Improvement Partners stands as your trusted partner on the path to operational mastery.