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Optimized Use of Trusted Service Providers in Planning and Delivery.


Benefits of Process Outsourcing

Midas Communications- Core Competencies

Operational know-how for provision of agency solutions developed through MICE management

Utilizing our vast experience in the implementation of a variety of agency solutions, we can be entrusted with everything from basic outsourcing tasks to full-service call centers and related services.

Time-saving operations for both the hard and soft side of BPO solutions

We are continually striving to improve the implementation speed of both the soft and hard factors that are part of the preparations for BPO-related agency services where time is of the essence. We have strong capabilities in the swift attainment and training of vital human resources for such projects.

High digital literacy regarding IT systems needed for daily operations

To facilitate the smooth operation of large-scale events, we have developed and deployed IT systems that were not otherwise available. We can be trusted to manage the adoption of IT systems necessary for the proper conduct of daily operations.

Extensive experience with administration bodies and local government

From our experience managing large scale events for various local governments, we have become highly skilled in satisfying their needs. Along with agency management, we also oversee all activities related to the cessation operations and relevant reporting of results.

Previous Support Achievements

〇 Campaign Promotion

Promotion Agency for Regional Development Campaigns - Management of temporary economic revitalization programs, including voucher programs.

〇 Public Announcements

Management of information campaign for evacuation center awareness - Operation of public information sessions.

〇 Establishment and Operation of call centers

Capabilities for a wide range of needs - Delivery of reception and reservation services.

〇 Support of public services for citizens

Management of government benefit programs- vaccination-related services-Premium Gift Certificate program - Promotion Support for the My Number Card program - Promotion of digital literacy programs for seniors.

〇 Surveys – Document Management

Surveying and Document development - Archiving