Business Process Outsourcing

Complete Support Services for Overseas Clients

Providing solutions is what we do best. In the natural course of business, organizations often encounter situations that require special skills and know-how which may not be available in-house. That’s where Midas comes in. Utilizing our more than three decades of experience and the know-how of a creative professional team, Midas serves as a vital partner providing clients with the necessary solutions to ensure exceptional business results.

Core Strengths

  •  Multi-Lingual Agency Services
  •  Interpretation and Translation Services
  •  Negotiation Support and Meeting Representation
  •  Contract Development Support
  •  Brand Protection and Trademarking Services
  •  Market Research Support
  •  Event Planning and Delivery
  •  Introduction to Legal and Financial Services Providers
  •  Exhibition and Trade Fair Support
  •  Printing Solutions
  •  IT Systems Consulting and Development